Helping Leaders to Lead

It starts with better leadership and management practices.

In a study of 66 companies, the INSEAD R&D report found that companies that focused on building management (and leadership) capabilities (36 companies) delivered a higher level of sustainable shareholder returns by a factor of 2 than those that did not (30 companies). ("Managing for Value: It's Not Just About the Numbers," Haspeslagh, Noda, and Boulos, Harvard Business Review, July 2001)

How we can help

Our work is to help leaders learn how to overcome obstacles (often self-created) so that they may better achieve the vision and goals they hold for themselves and their organizations. This involves an honest assessment of strengths and weaknesses, engaging in creative dialogue to solve problems, and coming up with new processes and strategies that serve the vision and goals.

We bring special skills, knowledge, and tools to this relationship, including:

  • A wide variety of leadership tools
  • Analytical assessments
  • Insight on strategic thinking
  • Broad knowledge of best practices in leadership and organization development.

This work is done primarily through dynamic group leadership training and one-on-one coaching sessions.